4: Taste & Smell

Today, we focus on the politics of the tongue and the nose: Taste & smell will be investigated, in a reading session with discussion as well as in exercises devoted to these sensual abilities. We will draft our contribution for the conference DisAbling Normativities and, for those who want, indulge in a feast at A Pan African Plate/Yeoville Dinner Club. For the latter part, please tell Katharina if you want to attend, and with how many peope, as seats are limited and have to be booked (frl@himmelgruen.net till 20.9.2019).


“But the taste of tears was not the same” – Discussing taste & smell 


Bringing it to one table: Preparing our contribution for the conference DisAbling Normativities 


A Pan African Plate at Yeoville Dinner Club (booking essential, please confirm your presence till 20.9.)

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