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Non/Sensual encounters

is an invitation to rethink what counts as knowledge in the current academic and the art world. In a series of encounters we will revisit all available senses to gain a more holistic way of doing academy and doing the arts.

The course design draws on the history of Cultural Studies, Disability and Queer Studies. It has a strong focus on playfulness and working hands – and senses – on.

Together, we will produce a zine and a panel contribution to the conference DisAbling Normativities, organized by the WiCDS – Wits Centre for Diversity Studies.

Sign up for the class with your host Katharina Fink till September 17th,  2019,


There are 15 seats available.

This class is enabled by the support of the DAAD – the German Academy Exchange Service. Check out their services at

and realized as a cooperation with WiCDS.

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